Broken strings & Pretty things

The world, seen through a young girl's eyes.


Being brave is waking up every morning, getting dressed, and standing tall even though you know that the day ahead is going to be painful.

Being brave is the day you stop using your pain as an excuse, but an incentive to strive further.

Being brave is knowing that there is no shame in crying when it hurts, and allowing to let your walls down even when they are the only thing keeping you strong.

Being brave is living by yourself at seventeen, when the rest of the girls your age don’t even know the meaning of an empty house.

Being brave is standing back and letting your mother shine, no matter how hard it is.

Being brave is sitting through the loneliness, even when it feels that the night won’t end.

Being brave is knowing that life will get bigger and bolder and brighter, and surviving the days when you hit rock bottom.

Being brave is smiling through the travesty. Being brave is being fierce when everything feels numb. Being brave is standing up for that life that you so desperately wish to achieve.

Being brave is not taming lions, or climbing mountains, or standing in front of a large crowd.
Being brave is never losing sight of your dreams, even when everything goes dark.



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2 thoughts on “Brave.

  1. SimplyNica on said:

    I like this..

  2. It’s like you are writing about my current soul setting…thank you so much. Keeps writing, you’re clearly gifted!

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