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“At times the world may seem an unfriendly and sinister place, but believe that there is much more good in it than bad. All you have to do is look hard enough. And what might seem to be a series of unfortunate events may in fact be the first steps of a journey”

-Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events



I know that parts are going to be tough, and by God I know that we are going to have to work every day at it,
But I know that you are worth it.

You are worth three years of a two hundred mile gaps; you are worth fears and sleepless nights and constant calendar-watching. You are worth difficulty and longing and missing parts. It will be tough; at some points it may even be too tough, but my God it will be worth it. And by God we will make it.

And with every return and every train ticket; with every kiss and overstretched goodbye, I will continue to wait. I’ll keenly pursue you until the days roll in our favour. Because no matter which city I may end up in, every crowd is faceless without yours in it. With the grace of God and his infinite mercy, we can make it.

By God it will be beautiful; and my God it will be right.
For in you my heavens, my stars, and my galaxies are shaped.

Twenty thousand.

I’m speechless.

For one of the few moments in life, I am struggling to find the words to express just how overwhelmed I feel.
Because I remember the day I created brokenstringsandprettythings and never thought so many people would take their time to reading my haphazard typings. It didn’t even cross my mind that people may actually enjoy them, let alone relate or feel inspired by them!

And so as I sit here, words still failing me, all I would like to say is thank you. Thank you to each and every one of you. Whether this is the first time you have stumbled across the writings of a hopelessly romantic young girl, or you’ve managed to travel alongside the tear-stained texts and naive syntactical  errors, all I can offer is my utmost thanks. Thank you for the bucket loads of support and the constant reminders to keep going. Thank you for providing me with the inspiration to continue with my writing at a (mostly) weekly rate.
Thank you for taking the time out of your busy lives to have a look over my quixotic beliefs in the world, and further continue inspiring me to continue believing in them. Thank you for everything you have done, even if it doesn’t feel like it’s been much.

It’s crazy to see how far this little website has come so far, and just how much I have grown alongside it. Creating this blog has been one of the most wonderful decisions I have made, because it has truly given me confidence and a profound happiness unlike any other.  It’s seen me grow from a girl into a young woman, and will hopefully continue alongside me for many more years.

So thank you. Each and every one of you.
I will never be able to thank each one of you enough.


Though friendships may fade into the distance, you always stay. And there are never enough words to give justice how grateful I am for that. Even if I spend the past month scouring for them.

Because you’re the one that stayed through everything.

You’re the one who survived every hit, though I know you’ll argue no punch is even thrown.
You’re the one who stilled the tears and made me laugh when it felt like life was nothing but grey.
You’re the one who understands my disjointed and forgetful thoughts and delights in every flaw.
You’re the one who is patient beyond comprehension and doesn’t even realise it.
You’re the one who laughs uncontrollably in my fountains of melodrama and unfathomably finds beauty in it.
You’re the one who passed through the walls and set up camp.
You’re the one who fits.

You’re the sweetest elixir, and the most faithful companion.
You’ve inspired these past eight months and you continue to inspire me today.

My love. My salvation. My all.

Thank you for stripping the poison from these veins.

For the rainy days.

And once the storm is over, you won’t remember how you made it through, or how you managed to survive. You won’t even be sure whether the storm is really over. But one thing is certain. When you come out of the storm, you won’t be the same person who walked in. That’s what this storm’s all about.

— Haruki Murakam

Two years.

On the 25th of February, this humble little blog celebrated it’s second birthday.

After one year ( I remember being astonished of how long I was able to keep burning my passion for writing, and being even more amazed that people actually wanted to read my clumsy, half baked, ideas. I was thankful for all of the support and kindness and wonder from both WordPress and non-WordPress readers alike.

Yet another twelve months pass, and I’m still taken aback from the love and support of my readership. I wish I could make it so clear how utterly amazed I am that people take the time out of their days to write my posts. I’m even more astounded that people actually enjoy them, taking the time to comment and give me such encouraging words.

Because this blog has become so much more than I ever thought it would be, it’s strange how it’s developed into a digital part of me; like some strange pixelated limb of mine. It’s been something that I’ve been able to keep private from most of those around me, and it’s something which intrigued a variety of admissions tutors whilst applying to university.

However, Broken Things and Pretty Things would not be the blog it is today without you. Without all of you.
Whether this is the first time you’ve stumbled across these clumsy little typings from a naive young woman, or have stuck by me through the onslaught of  either severely depressing posts or love letters.
This post is dedicated to you: the wonderful people who have never failed to make my days.
You are the reason why I decide to turn on my computer and write
You are the reason why I never lose sight of my dreams
You are the reason why I am so constantly filled with inspiration to continually update my blog
You are the reason why I spend half of the time on my computer smiling at your beautiful little messages of encouragment
You are the reason why I feel so blessed
You are the reason why I now have confidence
You are the reason why I believe.

Here’s to twenty four months of blogging. Here’s to the endless bucket loads of support.
Here’s to you, and here’s to many more years of many more clumsy typings.

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