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An open letter of gratitude.

These days I fear that I fall into the all too accustomed to pattern of not being grateful where gratitude is due; for not taking the oh so important time to thank you for each and every single thing you do. Because, like most people, I become all too consumed by what is wrong, and not on the various and many ways you make the little things shine.

Thank you for tea stained Wednesday afternoons drenched in tangible laughter. Thank you for tear drenched hour-long phone conversations when the world just seems too small. Thank you for mindless chatter and heart wrenching discussions and a firm place to rest my weary head. Thank you for an unbiased compass and a firm hand. Thank you for selfless patience and kindness and welcome. Thank you for understanding, or trying as hard as humanly possible when I don’t understand it myself. Thank you for the constant inspiration of consistently being there without complaint or begrudge. Thank you for withstanding storms so many others would be weathered away by. Thank you for reliability and stability and hospitality and the definition of true friendship. Thank you for allowing me to play my small role your great symphony that has only just begun. You’re going to be so wonderful.

Thank you for seven years of consistent friendship. Thank you for archives of adventures and constant sunshine. Thank you for being an anomaly. Thank you for always being there, even if my conciousness subjected to the background, because you always stayed. You have always, and always will be there. Thank you for tremendous forgiveness and loyalty and compassion. Thank you for listening and understanding when others couldn’t. Thank you for finding gratitude in smiles and dry eyes and morning hugs. Thank you for knowing there isn’t possibly enough room in the world for me to thank you enough. Thank you for consistence, because you of all people know that someone needs to keep me on earth. Thank you for delighting in my many flaws and celebrating my victories. You are beyond worth it.

Thank you for being yourself. Thank you for blanket-wrapped star gazing and talking about anything and everything. Thank you for constant reminders and challenges and integrity. Thank you for your opinions which are so drastic and challenging. Thank you for your infinite wisdom and insight and pure honesty. Thank you for your prayers and encouragement and pride. Thank you for letting me in and letting me share some of my greatest evenings in your company. Thank you for holding my ground. Thank you for consecutively compulsively buying  Taylor Swift albums alongside me since we were fifteen. Thank you for reminding me that I need to text back. Thank you for growing up with me, and allowing me to be constantly inspired by the pure adoration you hold for God. Thank you that everything is better with you.

And thank you in advance for the many years we hold ahead, because if they are just half as wonderful as they are today, I will be the happiest woman alive.


On staying golden.

There will be days where you throw yourself down on the floor and dive into the depths of your loneliness.
There will be days where you wish you could crawl into bed and sweep your problems away with the pull of the covers.
There will be days where you feel so delicate that you are unsure if you can even take the next step without shattering.
There will be days where you have walked so far you think that you have gone as far as you will ever get.
There will be days where you look in the mirror and wish so desperately that you were someone else.
There will be days where you wonder if you’ll ever crawl out of this with the wonder you once held.

There will be days upon days filled with discomfort and disappointment and wishing you could crawl back into your parents’ bed and be rid of these nightmares. There will be days filled with crying in the car and crying in public and crying in the dark of your bedroom.

There will be days where you want to hit the stop button and catch your breath. But the day that you realise that life just keeps going on is the day where you can finally get unstuck. And it may feel like a race without a finish line, but one day you may just pass it without realising.

But until then, it’s okay to come back up for air. It’s okay to wash the tear stains and rest your weary eyes. It’s okay to take that deep breath before you open the door. It’s okay to take these little gaps, as long as you know that one day you’ll get there.

It’s the days where you come back around which make them golden.
Because the secret to staying golden is hope.
Hope always perseveres.

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