Broken strings & Pretty things

The world, seen through a young girl's eyes.


Though friendships may fade into the distance, you always stay. And there are never enough words to give justice how grateful I am for that. Even if I spend the past month scouring for them.

Because you’re the one that stayed through everything.

You’re the one who survived every hit, though I know you’ll argue no punch is even thrown.
You’re the one who stilled the tears and made me laugh when it felt like life was nothing but grey.
You’re the one who understands my disjointed and forgetful thoughts and delights in every flaw.
You’re the one who is patient beyond comprehension and doesn’t even realise it.
You’re the one who laughs uncontrollably in my fountains of melodrama and unfathomably finds beauty in it.
You’re the one who passed through the walls and set up camp.
You’re the one who fits.

You’re the sweetest elixir, and the most faithful companion.
You’ve inspired these past eight months and you continue to inspire me today.

My love. My salvation. My all.

Thank you for stripping the poison from these veins.


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