Broken strings & Pretty things

The world, seen through a young girl's eyes.


I awoke in a haze of sea green eyes of my salvation: my saving grace from a midst of unending despair.

You came down and rescued me from a world enshrouded in fear and loneliness and hopelessness. You picked me up and brushed off the dust and kissed where it hurt. You washed away the impurity and hate with the tender waves of mercy. You looked into dull and tarnished eyes let them rest until rejuvenation.

You turned the other cheek when the punches started to roll. You pardoned when untrue words were lashed and struck into your side. You rolled away the stone of a cynical and careless heart and shone in glory. You carried my pain and doubt and dissolved it before my very eyes. Unconditional love flowed from your veins into my eyes and resided in my heart.

You saw beauty in creation and took my hand and ran with me to a garden of fresh hope and frivolity. You taught me words of faith and love and hope and selflessness. You waited with saintly patience as my heart grew open to accommodate your inescapable effulgence and felt me blossom in your breath.

And we stood there in an unshakable embrace and watched with breathless gazes as heaven touched earth.


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