Broken strings & Pretty things

The world, seen through a young girl's eyes.


Write as it may be the last thing that you may ever do. Write the words which you are too afraid to say. Write when you feel: write when you’re scared or excited or delighted or sad or lonely or even hungry. Write like it’s only you and the world; like your criss cross etchings have significance and meaning. Write when it feels like no one is there. Write because writing fills the void in emptiness. Write even know when you don’t know what you have to say. Write everything. Write one word. Write to change the world. Write to escape the world. Write to show the world how you feel. Write to express your love. Write when it feels like there is nothing left to do. Write when it feels like no one will listen. Write in ink and get it all over your hands. Write when you feel blessed and need to remind yourself how wonderful life can be. Write down the days you never want to forget. Write down the things you do and then throw it away. Write your hopes and dreams and never let them go.

Construct deep and meaningful storylines with deep plot holes and twists and turns and bring it to a screeching halt with a hefty cliffhanger. Create intricate romances filled with clichés and beauty and tragedy and believe that it can all be true. Describe only the beauty you can see through a vast plethora of metaphors and similes and personification and anthropomorphism. Write with rhetoric, when you may not even know the answers. Use nothing but anaphora. If you’re feeling daring, venture into anadiplosis.  Use juxtaposition. Hell, use hyperbole. Hyperbolise and the juxtapose and finish it all with bathos.

Or just write simple sentences. Scrawl like a child in their first days of school. Write nothing but expletives.
Just show your passion.
Just write.  Because we want to hear your words.


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