Broken strings & Pretty things

The world, seen through a young girl's eyes.


I don’t understand how people think that believing in God is the cowards way out. I don’t understand how believing in something more is the easy option, or only for those who are weak of mind or lack intelligence.

Because, to me, believing is brave. I cannot imagine many things braver than standing up in a world filled with darkness and sadness and suffering, and being able to claim that their God reigns. When someone is able to turn on the news and look at disaster and chaos and still see God’s presence. When someone goes through hurt and pain and unending grief, yet has the confidence to say that it all happened for a reason; that things do and will get better and that they won’t lose hope. When someone looks in the mirror and sees nothing but ugliness and disdain and still believe that there is still someone who believes that they are beautiful. When someone is able to say  that they have faith when all of society points to secularism; when they live in a world where science leaves no room for belief or wonder or majesty. When someone is so profoundly in love with God that they endure a lifetime of jeers and being jaded.

Because I don’t understand how swimming against the current is cowardice. I don’t see how avoiding conformity is the easy option. When everything these days is so grey, it is far from easy to still have faith. Because it would be so much easier to fit in. It would be so much easier to just be like everyone else; to think like everyone else; to act like everyone else.

It takes something so much bigger and brighter to give someone the integrity to not just be another faceless part of society. It takes something wonderful to decide to change your life, even when it compromises the things the world offers on a plate. In a culture where it is so much easier to say ‘yes’ than ‘no’, what would be the point in being difficult? Why stand up against everything you have ever known when it would be far easier to sit down and keep your head down?

Because faith is knowing that life is better and bolder than we make it out to be. It’s still believing through tragedy and silence and nights which won’t end. It’s knowing that though pattern is safe and comfortable and nice, nothing compares to the greatness and the glory of what we know. It means stepping out when you can’t see what is before you; it means living life on the edge and trusting that you will not fall.

It means the adventure of living, rather than the comfort of existence.


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