Broken strings & Pretty things

The world, seen through a young girl's eyes.

Fire and ice.

You’re passion and burning red.
You’re conversations at 2am ending with cursing or crying or wrapped in your arms in my car. You’re saying that there is nothing left and finding ourselves in a serendipitous embrace. You’re giving and taking away; you’re the perfect opportunity snatched away by a fleeting sense of terror. You try to say goodbye yet will never fail to rush in with the first hello. You love to break me down and place me on a pedestal. You’re bitter sweet. You’re so intensely interesting and so irrevocably annoying. You’re wonderfully, and hopelessly, flawed. You’re emotionally stunted and phobic of any form of commitment, and the first person to wipe the tears away from my eyes. You’re cocky and self concious and arrogant and humble and intelligent and reckless and careless and always there and think too much about others’ opinions and will lose anything to protect those who you love.
You’re juxtaposition and complete contradiction. You’re hating and loving someone at the same time. You’re everything I’ve never wanted, yet something I just can’t bear to lose.

You’re tranquillity and beauty.
You’re the archetypal gentleman. You’re long walks in the sunshine and lying down in a field until the sun goes down. You’re drinking tea on rainy Sunday afternoons and talking extensively about things I was always told were stupid. You go the extra mile. You plan days out far in advance for us to go on an adventure. You’re kind and courteous and careful. You’re understanding and open and willing. You’re giving me your jacket when you’re freezing and I’m fine. You’re charming and beautiful and enchanting. You’re deep Peridot eyes. You’re simple and happy and loving. You aren’t a maze of trouble and tears and regret: only happiness. You take things slow. You’re going away, yet eager to stay beside. You will never stop trying.
You’re the exact person I was always searching for. You’re the one to prove that romance isn’t dead. You’re peace from the world and, to me, you’re absolutely perfect. You’re everything I’ve ever wanted.

I can’t tell who my heart is telling me, and which is from my head. Because you are both so profoundly heart wrenching, and I don’t know whether playing with fire would merely leave me burned, like all the other times, or whether ice would merely chill my bones. I don’t know how to let go, when both of you make me cling so tight. How do I possibly choose between two people who are equally wonderful?



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