Broken strings & Pretty things

The world, seen through a young girl's eyes.


You were not catastrophic. You did not walk in and change everything. You did not take my breath away or touch my heart or blow my mind or do whatever those things are when you meet someone and suddenly decide that they are unlike anybody you have ever met. You did not captivate my dreams or my desires and you certainly did not make me weak at the knees when the first hello fell through your lips.

No, instead you were just there. And I like that, because, actually, you were always there. Instead of an elaborate clamour of wonder and enchantment and the feeling that ‘nothing could get better than him’, you slowly meandered yourself into a daily normality. You were simple. You were constant. You were far from comfortable.
What I like even more is the fact that you were not a cliché. You were the sheer beauty of seeing a friend as something much purer. You were not dramatic or fabled or hyperbolised. You were not someone from a party I had to try so desperately to please. You were not someone who had to pretend to make me realise your beauty. You were simple, yet so intrinsically complicated.

You were the queerest complication of someone so unobtainable yet someone who was always in reach. You were so cryptic and complex yet refreshingly simple. You were captivating and repelling. You were dreams and you were disasters. You were intensively interesting and downright annoying.

You were human. You were real. You weren’t something which stepped off a television screen.
You were just you.
You were just right.


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