Broken strings & Pretty things

The world, seen through a young girl's eyes.

I picture you in the sun.

I picture you with that glimmer in your green-eyed smile, doing something interesting just like you always do. I picture you singing to yourself as the clouds pass over ahead, knowing that you’re going somewhere bigger and brighter and more beautiful. I picture you free: free from everything and free from everyone who held you down; everyone who told you no and tried to constrain you when they said that you’d never be able to make it.

I picture you safe from harm. I picture you safe from the nightmares and lonely nights and the feeling that you aren’t good enough. I picture you smiling and loving and knowing your true worth and beauty, and that you are not broken. I picture you knowing that you no longer have to tread timidly in the fear of another person leaving, and having the courage and pride to stride widely and capture those horizons.

I picture you knowing you who want to be. I picture you not allowing your past to decide your future, and understanding those horrible things were fundamental in getting you to where you are now. I picture you holding someone else’s hand and telling them that it will be okay, because you have already been there, and you know that if you could pull through, anyone can. And I picture you with a heart of compassion and kindness and love because although bitterness is the easiest option, it is in no way the most beneficial.

I picture you in the sun because that’s where you belong: you belong where you are at your most happiest. You belong in a place where you heart is filled with sunshine and where the cold no longer bites. Because sometimes happiness is hard to come by and I know all too well that you’re more deserving of a little bit of sunshine than anyone else that I know.

I picture you with nothing but happiness, because that’s what you deserve. Because I have never seen something as beautiful as you when you are happy.


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