Broken strings & Pretty things

The world, seen through a young girl's eyes.

How people get in.

Because that’s how people get in. It’s not when you’re searching through the raindrops or waiting on the corner for when they walk by. No, instead they are the ones who do the capturing. They take your heart, your soul and your mind and keep it ransom, leaving you to wonder how they ever caught grasp.

And you finally realise the beauty in the pain of waiting: that trying to squeeze mismatched pieces into incomplete holes and clutching at straws for a compromised ending was never going to fit; that the only finality can be here and now. Because before this, nothing even mattered. Everything became enlightened; everything is here, now and open.

Because people come into our lives to change. They leave marks; they etch their way through the caverns of your heart because people are irreplaceable and irreversible wonderful creatures. They shape your life; change the dynamic; and keep you from ever being able to go back. They mould you into a person that you weren’t two days ago. They give you new thoughts and dreams and desires.
They leave a kind of mark that does not fade or heal or mend.

After all, it is easier to remember a thousand words than to forget a single person.


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