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The world, seen through a young girl's eyes.


Living by yourself at seventeen is hard.
Playing both mother and child is hard.
Balancing work and daily routine is hard.

But none of it compares to the loneliness that I have to endure. Nothing compares to the nights that silently echo into the darkness of lying in bed, knowing that I’m alone. Nothing compares to knowing that everyone else at school, everyone else that I know, have mothers who will pick them up from school, make them dinner and say goodnight to them. They have comfort, they have love, and they have sustenance.
They are able to wake up everyday to the noise of a family getting ready for the day ahead. They have privilege of having overbearing and annoyingly encouraging parents when they are trying to have a break. They have the beauty of a loving family to make them tea and offer a warm shoulder when they have a bad day.
They have tangibility; they have face to face conversations; they have noise.

Many girls my age don’t even know the meaning of an empty house. They have never had to cook for themselves, or endure a night without seeing a member of their family. To them, the worst thing is not getting their straight As, or forgetting to do that maths homework.
They don’t know what it is like to go to sleep hearing deathly silence, and they don’t know what it is like to have to wake up to the same thing. They don’t know what it is like to have to continually strive to fulfill their future, whilst having to actively and daily run their life. They don’t know what it’s like to live as if you were years older than you actually are.

Because when I see these girls jump into their mother’s arms, I’m not angry. I don’t protest about the injustice of it all. Instead, I continue to feel alone. I continue to feel cold and empty and yearn to feel the warmth of my mother’s love that I did when I was younger. All I feel is the bitterness of being alone, and living alone and facing the cold, hard brutality that I cannot do anything but face it.

Because I know that there are people out there who have it much harder than me; people struggle even further, and feel so much bleaker. And I feel ever more guilty for feeling as if I’m the one that is suffering.
But sometimes it’s just too much. Sometimes the world is just too sad.
Sometimes it’s the feeling of missing something, and never knowing when you’re going to get it back.


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2 thoughts on “Alone.

  1. jessmittens on said:

    When I was 16 my mother went on a holiday and I had to look after myself for a week. I begged my sister to come and stay with me but she refused. So I got myself to school (which I did in the morning anyway as my mother begun work at 6am) but it was very eerie coming home to an empty house that nobody had been in all day. Then making myself dinner and cleaning and all that seemed… sad or something.
    The nights were hard because we had rowdy neighbours. One night someone was in the yard (or it sounded like it!) and my best friend came to rescue me haha.

    Anyway, the point is is that 1 week was really lonely and hard at night, so I couldn’t imagine if that was how I had to permanently live at 16 /17. Having pets made it easier. Unless this is fiction, haha, I wish you good luck! And to not be too lonely when the house is empty – play some music, buy a plant or a small easy-to-keep pet if you can and keep on being strong!

    • Unfortunately, yes this post is true: my mother works away from home for the majority of the week and my father left us at the start of the year, so that means I have to look after myself during the school week (ie driving myself, cooking for myself, cleaning and balancing my school work). It’s pretty tough, and I’m very lucky to have a car to allow me to get around, and also have a dog to keep me company, but sometimes the stress and sadness of it all gets me pretty down, so I wouldn’t wish it upon anyone, so I’m glad that it was only a week for you :)
      Thank you for being so wonderful and giving me all of that advice, it was really sweet and brightened up my day!

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