Broken strings & Pretty things

The world, seen through a young girl's eyes.


Go and tell your mothers and your fathers; your sisters and brothers; your lovers and friends just how much they mean to you. Tell everyone you know just how profoundly they mean to you. Don’t go a day without showing them your love.

Because tragedy happens just as easily to people like us as it does to people on the news. Because at one point, those very people from across the world watched other people lose their loved ones via a television screen, oblivious that one day they would be in the same position.
So don’t leave without that goodbye. Don’t let your last words be to someone ‘please go and buy some milk.’ Don’t leave loose ends untied. And never take anyone’s presence for granted, for you never know when it will be the last time that you see them.
But equally, don’t let tragedy let you lose sight in the world. Tragedy is the sheer brutality of losing something without any form of warning or clarity. Tragedy happens to the best of us, the worst of us and the whole of us. Tragedy happens every day in the smallest scale to the masses. But we must know that the fundamental truth of tragedy is the fact that its very nature is uncontrollable. We are tiny specks in a great sea of higher knowledge and prophecy.
So live every day in the belief that it may be your last breath, and that way you will never waste a moment.
Smile through the beauty, and cry through the pain, but never hold yourself back for the evil and cowardliness of tragedy. Laugh in its cruel face and know that this speck of dust has had the power to make oceans roar.
Because there is beauty in tragedy. We just need to see beyond the hurt.

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