Broken strings & Pretty things

The world, seen through a young girl's eyes.

I pray.

For you, I wish justice.

I pray that, one day, you will be blessed with the fairness only you truly deserve. That you will be able to wake up one day and know in your heart that life is on your side; that some people in life endure pain, no matter how undeserving they are. That you will be able to live the life that you so desperately desire, but keep hidden from everyone else. That you finally receive the love that you deserve. That you will one day experience a happiness that someone will never be able to take away. I pray that you will be able to look back with not bitterness, but sweet gratitude.


For you, I wish enlightenment.

I pray that you will understand that life is beautiful. I pray that you learn to trust someone, and know that they won’t hurt you. That you don’t resort to being cold and distant because it is the easy option, but be warm and open and loving. I pray that you won’t have to push people away that finally break through your walls and make you realise who you are. I pray that you will stop believing that life is painful and lacklustre and impossible. I pray that you finally discover a meaning; a hope; a joy.


For you, I wish courage.

I pray that you will be able to finally hold your head high and know just how magnificent you are. That you will finally give yourself credit and let yourself believe that you really can move mountains. I pray for realisation. I pray that you have the boldness and tell the world ‘here I am!’ I pray that you no longer compare yourself to people who you think are braver, smarter or more beautiful. That your realise that you are the very best and no one needs to be the one who tells you that. I pray for the end of self-consciousness and for the beginning of self-joy.
Because, the world sees how amazing you are, it’s time for you to see it too.


For you, I wish love. Just pure love.

I wish that you would just wake up and see the smiling faces before you. I pray that you understand just how many lives you shape. That you fully comprehend just how adored you are. I yearn from the bottom of my heart that you hear the words ‘I love you’ and not just accept them, but believe them. That you will be able to walk down the street not feeling like it’s an uphill battle. I pray that you don’t dread that car ride home.
I pray you realise just how much you mean to me, and your brother, and everyone else around you.



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2 thoughts on “I pray.

  1. Absolutely beautiful. I wish you the same and more!

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