Broken strings & Pretty things

The world, seen through a young girl's eyes.

I will wait.

I will wait for you, because I know that you are good enough.
Because, as one beautifully wise woman wrote, waiting is not passive, but an active choice. Waiting is making that commitment to yourself every day, knowing that you are out there somewhere, between the misfits and the Mr Not-Quite-Perfects.

Waiting means allowing myself to become content in the moments of loneliness. Waiting means being happy listening to my friends adorning their boyfriends, and it means knowing that one day I’ll feel the same.
Waiting means having the self-control and perseverance to not let myself be swept away by a crooked smile and an easy option. It means not letting myself choose comfort over compatibility.
Waiting means making the harder, and much more difficult choice. It means allowing God to take center stage of my life, and letting Him know when it is right.
Waiting means being patient, and eager and loving.

Waiting means no more mistakes.

Because, when I meet you, it will all be clear. The years of eagerly awaiting finally will come to a climatic rush to realise that this one will not be another miss match. It will mean not having to suffer the darker side of someone’s heart, and it will be the joy and enchantment of knowing something was worth the wait.

Because you will encourage me to grow. We will create sufficient space in our relationship for us to grow, yet allow ourselves to help each other. You will take me on long walks, and picnics, and lie under the stars and not complain about the chill in the air. You will be the gentleman I have always hoped for. You will be charming and forgiving and whisper ‘I was so enchanted to meet you.’
And I will make mistakes. Countless times. And so will you, but that will be okay.

Because with you, it will not be half-hearted, nor will it be unrequited.
So I will wait.

Because you are worth the wait. Wherever you may be.
Whoever you may be.


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