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The world, seen through a young girl's eyes.


Sometimes we go through life like reading a book and seeing a word which we don’t understand. We are given an ultimatium: try to deliberate over what it means, or carry on regardless without a dictionary and hope for the best, praying that you will understand the passage anyway. All too often we take the latter option and realise just how important that word was: just how important that word was- it has changed the whole passage and potentially the rest of the story.

We as people are not dictionaries. We can’t and don’t understand every little detail of our lives at every moment, and sometimes we just skim along and hope for the best. We continue, and continue and then realise one day… I wish that I took the time to think that one through. I wish I just gave it that bit of time. I wish I didn’t just skim over it.

We regret for being careless; for being negligent and being too lazy to understand what was right there in front of us. We finally understand what could have been, yet understand we will never get it back.

All we know is that we must try to not let it again: not let ourselves feel the same anguish all over again.


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4 thoughts on “Affliction.

  1. One reason I just love my Kindle is that I can press on a word I’m not familiar with and the definition jumps out. Before that, I would pass by the word until I felt that I’m missing the author’s meaning and I pull out the standard dictionary.

    I love the words in the picture, they are so true!

    • Thank you!
      I haven’t got a kindle myself, but I can imagine just how handy that is, I guess it’s just a shame we can’t have the same kind of feature when we are posed with situations we just don’t understand in life. But then again, I guess that’s the beauty and mystery of life: making mistakes and learning how to avoid doing the same in future.
      Have a lovely day, thank you for reading my blog :)

  2. that’s one of my favorite quotes! great post.

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