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The world, seen through a young girl's eyes.

One year.

Many people start a blog from some form of life altering experience: a break up, moving, travelling, commitment. But for me, creating this blog was completely selfish, yet consequently beautifully fulfilling. It was the first thing that I did for the good of myself without having to rely on the judgement or input of someone else. It may have taken the inspiration of summer romance and six months of accumulating courage, but it happened. For the first time, I began to allow myself the worth to achieve the dreams I so desperately craved.

This blog has seen me grow: it’s seen me change from an insecure little girl whose insecurities led her to believe that she was the problem to a woman who is so passionate and driven, yet is willing enough to accept her flaws.
This blog has helped me mature: it’s allowed me to take a step back from life and see what’s really going on; it’s allowed me to see where I went wrong and given me the ability to move on when everything was so tough.
This blog has given me my purpose, my freedom, by allowing me to do what I love the most: write. I have been inspired, and encouraged and have spoken to the most beautiful and pure hearted people who walk the very earth. I’ve been challenged and I’ve been made to strive, but to me, it’s been wonderful.

But it’s far from perfect, and possibly may never will be, but it’s the flaws that make things so endearing. Because it’s a part of me, hand crafted and honestly made. Looking back, my writing style and topics may have completely changed, yet the primary purpose has never faltered. In my first post, I claimed that “This blog is not created for others in mind, but for my joy of writing and expressing myself”, and I’m proud to say that this has remained true. Rather than trying my hardest to appeal myself to people, by staying true to myself I was able to somehow bring some inkling of joy through my haphazard typings.

They say time flies by, and that it does, but to me it feels like this blog has always been a part of me; somewhere where I feel safe; somewhere I can finally express who I am. Though it may not have shaken the foundations of my life, or unveiled a new pathway for me, or radically shaped my life, I wholeheartedly say that creating this humble little website was one of the best decisions I ever made.
Why? Because the day that I created this blog was the day that I finally became myself.

Thank you to everyone for the endless support, love and confidence. You are all truly beautiful.


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2 thoughts on “One year.

  1. Like you, I started blogging for myself. At first, it was meant to be a journal, then I rediscovered my love for writing. It’s a wonderful thing!

  2. Blogging is such fun! I am a ‘selfish’ blogger as well. Keep up the good work.

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