Broken strings & Pretty things

The world, seen through a young girl's eyes.

Stay strong.

You’re doing so well. So, so well.
I’m sorry that I don’t always realise how much this is affecting you; how deeply this whole experience is shattering you.
I’m sorry that my own survival tactics are inflicting you. Because, after all, it is easier to fall out love with your father than your own husband.
But mom, you’re so wonderful. You’re so strong and selfless and faithful. Your perseverance is beyond words.

I’m sorry about the women at church. I’m sorry that some people choose scandal over sympathy. I’m sorry that some people will just not understand.
But I’ll stay by your side. So will the boys. Not because that’s what family do, but because we love you.
You’re our superhero; the woman who will prevail over anything.

We believe in you.


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