Broken strings & Pretty things

The world, seen through a young girl's eyes.


Today, for the first time, I saw my mother cry.

As I held her there in the kitchen, her sobs pulsating throughout our bodies, I finally saw the strong woman she always strived to be crumble in my arms. The woman who had always been a superhero and role model in my eyes finally became mortal: she finally showed her potential to break down and break apart. I saw that teenager inside of her who once loved a man and felt him throw her heart back in her face a multitude of times. I saw her vulnerability; her fragility; her heart-break; her loneliness.

And I promise you, there is nothing agonising than that.

Because my mother is a true inspiration. She is the most wonderful and inspirational and intelligent woman I could ever have the opportunity to meet. She has courage that makes oceans roar, and faith that moves mountains. Watching her cope with one of the toughest things in her life is the most heart-shatteringly inspirational thing that I have ever encountered.
Everything she does, she does for God. Everything she strives for, she strives for me. Nothing for herself, but everything  in order to protect everyone else around her. She is so noble, so humble, so wonderful.

She renders me speechless.
All that I can say is that:

I love you mum. I really do.


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One thought on “Speechless.

  1. Wonderful that you have expressed your love for you mom. I’m certain this has made her very happy :)

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