Broken strings & Pretty things

The world, seen through a young girl's eyes.


Some moments in life can only be described as golden: so exuberantly beautiful and precious, the memories of which will forever stain the walls of my heart. Moments like this make me truly treasure my youth; the moments where I feel infinite, where we all felt infinite, and felt like that time would never catch up with us: that we would never grow old, that we would never have to stop being young. Moments where we wished the night would never end, where we could have danced until dawn and played in the snow until frostbite devoured every last muscle.

Moments like these are so eternally inestimable, attempting to describe them will never be adequate. Moments like these are something that you feel; something you breathe; something that absorbs you. They’re the purest form of happiness, the most splendid glimmer of starlight, the only thing that matters in that very time and very place. In moments like this, everything is forgotten. Everything is perfect.

Everything is, and seems like it forever will be, right here and right now. Everything is golden.


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3 thoughts on “Golden.

  1. Your blog is beautiful! You are such a great writer. Some of us still need to find that inspiration but you already have that spark. Never let it go. God bless you.

  2. I love that photograph. Thanks for sharing. :)

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