Broken strings & Pretty things

The world, seen through a young girl's eyes.


One of the most perfect moments is when life blows you a kiss, and everything around you just seems to glow. Sure home life may be a bit tough and I know that I could have scored a bit higher in that biology paper, but when is life ever flawless? In fact, it’s the moments where things are just that slight bit pressured where everything is so much bolder and brighter, because it’s at that very moment when you lose something where you realise how much you actually have.
Today as I walked around, everything seemed to shine with some form of golden effulgence, and that’s when I realised it: I’m content. I’m truly happy. The warm glow seemed to spread throughout my whole being, and I began to become engulfed by some acute euphoria. I saw my ex smile at another girl for the first time, and it made me happy. Happy for him. Happy that he has finally found someone again who radiates some kind of pleasure into his being. In my peripheral, I saw my friends and realised just how much I owed them, and just how moved I have been by them over the past years. I saw all of their beauty. I saw one of them in her boyfriend’s arms and was happy for her, because she deserves to remain innocent. She deserves to remain untainted from the unpleasantness so many of us have had to endure.
Then before me, I found the warmth and comfort of an embrace. For the first time in a long time, I no longer had to seek reassurance or self-worth or approval, but received just care. Just enough. The amount to know that someone is there to hold my hand when things are a bit scary, and just enough to know that I don’t have to sit at home and think that I’m alone, yet not enough for me to believe that this where all happiness comes from. And that’s just right.

I could be crumbling at rock bottom. Yet I’m not.
I could be wallowing and mourning and wanting the world to stop. But I don’t. Because the day that you realise that you cannot put your life on pause is the day which you realise just how much potential you have: just how far you can actually strive. In a time of crisis, don’t deflate yourself and see the negatives, but endure for the ones who love you: the one’s who stayed. Giving up and giving in would be too selfish when everyone else has given so much to me.

Life is wonderful.


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