Broken strings & Pretty things

The world, seen through a young girl's eyes.

Breaking barriers.

Opening up again is really, really scary. So scary that no matter how close I yearn for you to be, it would be far easier (and safer) to push you away and save myself from the risk.

Opening up means letting you see me fully. Opening up means that you see the ugly parts. Opening up means letting you see the scars of former heartache and heart-break, and letting you mend the slapdash repairs stitched by a girl who tried to show that she didn’t care. Opening up means more vulnerability; more risk of disillusion and disenchantment.

Trusting you means breaking barriers. It means not comparing you to him, or him, or even him. It means believing your promises. It means accepting your compliments. It means letting you in. It means trusting that you will still be there. It means allowing myself to finally let go and begin again. It means regaining hope.

And just this once, it may be worth it.



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