Broken strings & Pretty things

The world, seen through a young girl's eyes.


I know that you could make me happy, and I know that I could be content. But that’s all I’ll ever be: content, yet never satisfied. And I’d hold that against you every day.
You can make me smile and you can make me laugh, you can even make me feel loved for a moment, but that’s it. I want depth, I want passion and desperation and nights that you wish would never end. I want to hang onto your every word and find you breathlessly enchanting. I want to seek you and then never let go. I want my dreams to be captivated by you, and you to haunt my fears all the same.

But, it’s empty. I’m empty.
Whilst you hold my hand, and walk me home, I see your hopes and dreams and desires yet know my place isn’t within them. You don’t deserve a girl who will only give you half of her heart when you deserve the whole world.
I wish I could love fully you. I really do. One day, you’ll find that girl who isn’t so stupidly and selfishly entranced by the idea of an unpredictable heart race. A girl who actually deserves you, and a girl who can give you everything and more.

Loving you would be easy, and it would be nice. It would be comfortable.
But the easiest option doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best route.


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One thought on “Absence.

  1. Wow… that tugged a few heart strings! Great post :)

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