Broken strings & Pretty things

The world, seen through a young girl's eyes.

The end point.

It’s hard reaching that point when you think you can’t go any further: the point at which every step taken is two steps backwards, and every effort undertaken is all in vain. The process is ongoing: a downward spiral of despair and disappointment in your own actions as you constantly fall short of your own expectations. Questions defying your own competence start to circulate the mind, and slowly grasp you in a choke hold until you just want to let go.
Let go of everything.

When fighting the battle is just too tiring; when striving far gets you no distance; when perspiration brings no perseverance, how can you go on?

To an athlete, this is the most crucial and fundamental point in their training: when their whole body says no, but all their might screams yes. This when they are fully able to grow and become better than ever before. The body becomes fatigued, the muscles want to break down and the spirit is crushed. Yet they persevere. And they become truly wonderful.
They become able to run further than they ever thought they could, they can strive harder; get there faster. Their own pain and sweat and tears become their biggest fortune. All they need to remember is the bigger picture.

As I stand here, in the midst of a crumbling world, I just need to remember this bigger picture. Sure, this may seem like the end point, but this is just the beginning. Life is moving on, and I’m not going to be left behind. Soon this stress and fear and misfortune will all become tremendously wonderful. I’ll look back, and think of this trouble as a blessing.
I just need to keep pushing.

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One thought on “The end point.

  1. Beautifully written. :)

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