Broken strings & Pretty things

The world, seen through a young girl's eyes.

Irresistible calamity.

You came as quickly you left; so quietly, yet so destructively. Much like a whirlwind, you wrenched my heart-strings from where they once rested, and left before anyone had time to behold what had happened. Suddenly, life was left back to how it used to be: no sign of you, no recollection, except for a small indent in the patchwork and pattern of my mundane daily life.

It’s odd how someone can shake the very foundations of your life at one moment, and then vanquish from existence at the next. One man can cause so much travesty and confusion and false hope before he is never seen again.
Alas, I know this will happen again; history never fails at repeating itself when this masked man is involved. He will, at some unknown time and place, rear his beautiful head and once again raise havoc, shattering the walls I had spent so long building.

The worst part about it? I love every second of it.


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