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Submission and serving.

These days, serving has such negative connotations; all the word seems to resemble is a list of submitting to commands, demands and constraints. Yet this week, I’ve discovered serving those around me is exactly the opposite; it liberates, drives and exhilarates.

Over the course of the past few days, I have been volunteering leading a children’s group at my church’s holiday club. Now, looking after children has never quite been my strong point, and previously to this week I was quite anxious about the whole ordeal. But why preach about stepping out when I never practise it myself?
Serving has also been another downfall of my faith; I spend far too much time concentrating on myself and working on my self growth rather than humbling myself before others and lifting them up higher. A servant heart was something I always liked the idea of, but never placed into action.

But oh my goodness, never have I experienced something as wonderful as serving. Kneeling down before others and humbling myself has set my heart alive in new ways. In doing so, God created this indescribable warmth and love throughout my living body as I spent my days working with the most beautifully wonderful children in the world. Each day, my face grew wide and warm with the largest smile on my face and each night, I threw myself on my knees and praised God for inspiring me through these outstanding young people in new and beautiful ways.

Serving is something which seems much harder on paper than it is in reality; all you need to do is flee from your pride. Submit and give yourself wholly and you’ll receive everything. This week, God granted me a serving heart that I had always been called to beat, and allowed me to overflow and spread out the love He filled within me over the past few weeks. Now, running on empty, I’m ready to embark on a new adventure and be filled up with more of God’s glory at a series of Christian festivals starting tomorrow. As a result, I will be unable to blog for over a week, but I guarantee you all I will have so much to tell once I’m back before I set out on my second festival.

Lord, thank you so much for allowing me to reach to these children and proclaim Your name. Thank you for setting my heart alight and allowing me to experience you in a brand new way, and preparing me for these coming weeks where I will meet you once again. Please continue to burn this fire inside of me, and continue to allow me to run this race for you.
Thank you time and time again for the amazing opportunities, inspirations experiences you have given me in this past month.
You’re too wonderful for words.


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