Broken strings & Pretty things

The world, seen through a young girl's eyes.

The perfect goodbye.

Unlike last year, when you left, things were not left in the air. The same things happened, yet the result differed. No longer did your needle thread into my mind. Instead, things were left the way they should be: established, yet open to possibility. Yes, I may come back to the memory and think, but I know that is how it is best left; to remember and be open rather than to dwell and desire.

I’ll miss you, but it won’t break my heart. I’ll think of you, but I won’t cling to you.

This time, I was able to shut the car door and walk away knowing that this was both what I wanted, and what I needed. Though not all of my questions were answered, I quite like it that way.
Some things are just best left how they are.


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