Broken strings & Pretty things

The world, seen through a young girl's eyes.

Molecular chemistry and life.

As a basic principle in chemistry, molecular bonds must be broken in order for a reaction to occur, and therefore create new bonds.
In simple, smaller things must be broken in order to create bigger and better things.

And this doesn’t apply just to science.
This year has taught me how, in life, people must leave, hearts must bleed, and tears must be shed before something new and wonderful is created. Life is shaken up and deconstructed to its primary components before it is suddenly renewed and transformed into something so much more beautiful than what it once was. Though the pain is devastating and tiresome, the long-term benefits become magnificent and worth the tear shed.

I pray that if you are currently going through hardship, you will soon experience the wonder of God breaking those previous bonds of your life and see him change you into someone who is even more beautiful, and even stronger than before; someone who was previously broken, yet made new.

Things will get better. It’s a matter of science.

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