Broken strings & Pretty things

The world, seen through a young girl's eyes.

Sunshine on the windowpane.

Lying here, staring at the comotion of the outside world, I can’t help but express my content with life.
Sunshine streaks the windowpane, casting the light in the deepest and dark crevices and illuminating these areas which had never experienced such brightness before. Particles as small and fragile as dusk are flung into the air, and contort in their own form of rhythmical dance, swirling below the ceiling and forming its own intricate universe of tiny flecks. Before the sun shone, this tiny grains could hardly be seen; they were worthless and meant nothing to the beholder. Yet, now the sun has hurtled these insignificant particles into the atmosphere, they form their own beauty and extravagance when they were previously overlooked.
This single moment reflects my life entirely.

After the months of pain, hardship and crying down the phone, life is so much bigger, brighter and more beautiful than what it used to be. I’m so happy and grateful and blessed, all I can do is marvel at all that I have been granted with. The parts of my life that previously had no relevance are now bursting with excitement and wonder, whilst all those dark shameful places in my heart have been overwhelmed by love.
I’m so content with life, there is nothing I demand or lust for.
All I can do I lie in awe, gasping at this wonderful transformation on my reformed life that spins above my head.


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