Broken strings & Pretty things

The world, seen through a young girl's eyes.

I can never judge you; I can only love you.

“Alys, I honestly don’t care what you have done. I don’t care that you left me. I don’t care that you disregarded me for those six months. I don’t care that you made those mistakes my darling. You’re still my beautiful and lovely girl whom I will continue to love no matter what you choose to do. I don’t care what you did. I don’t care that you hurt me. I forgive you. No matter how many times you choose to run away and lose your faith, I’m still here. Still waiting for you with my arms wide open for the day you return.

All I want to do is protect you, love you, and care for you. I never want you to think I’m holding you back. I have always wanted what was best for you, and I never want to make your life feel like it is a law you must obey. I’m sorry that following me made you feel as if you were a slave to my word, because that is not what it is intended for.

I know times have been so excruciating for you at the moment, and I know it has been so tough for you to carry on, but I can see how wonderful you are becoming as a result. You’re becoming so strong, so beautiful and so loving towards people, and it’s shaping you into a remarkable person. The pain won’t last much longer my darling, but I want you to know I’m here for you, carrying you wrapped up in my arms, even when it feels like there is no one in sight.

I  truly love you. Never forget that my dearest.”

I love you too Daddy.


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