Broken strings & Pretty things

The world, seen through a young girl's eyes.

Inspiration from a stranger.

In these past few days I’ve been battling with the struggle on whether to give up or keep chasing this complicated love story I share with my close friend. Slowly, I’ve been losing faith, and decided I couldn’t bear another heart ache. I thought I’d much rather be alone than lose him.

But, upon reading a message from a woman whom I’ll never know her identity, and whom I’ll never meet again, my attitude has changed.
All she said simply was:

“If you love someone just fight for it”

Just fight for it. Just fight for us.
I may be scared of losing him, but if I don’t attempt to fight for it I may lose the chance of having something so much more precious than our friendship. I constantly tell myself I need to step out, so why should this change when approaching relationships?
Once again, I’m going to put my heart on the line. I’m going to risk it. Maybe I’m going to end up crying to myself, pouring my melancholy into the black and white lettering of this blog, whilst screaming to God why I must endure further hurt. Or maybe I’ll finally receive the boy who I gave up on last year.

I won’t give up on us J. Not now. Not yet.


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