Broken strings & Pretty things

The world, seen through a young girl's eyes.

Writing opens my heart.

It’s through my writing where I truly find myself. I find my voice, I find my soul and I find my passion.

Through my insignificant words and phrases, I am able to sit back on life and see where I’m going. I can see the mistakes I’ve made, and I can see all that I’ve been blessed with.
Through the broken parts of my life when I cry for love, I’m able to find solace in my clumsy typing. I’m able to speak to myself, and tell myself that everything is okay. That I am loved; that I am worth it and that I’ll be able to get through this. Writing helps heal my broken soul.

And during all those wonderful moments of my life, my writing echos my effervescent praise for all that is good in my life. It makes me able to humble myself, and become overwhelmed with gratitude for the beautiful things and people who make my life what it is.
Writing is able to make me say the things I wish I could have said in that moment, and it also makes me realise I’m so glad I didn’t repeat those phrases.

Writing is my life: my love affair with all that is creative.
It’s what I breathe, what I dream and I all I think about.

Though I never seem to stop saying this, thank you for taking your time to read through my random little posts, giving you an insight to my humble little life.
You beautiful and truly lovely people make my day.


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2 thoughts on “Writing opens my heart.

  1. i am the same way. i heal through writing. my life is pretty stressful with some good days in it. having made so many good friends on here and still remaining to b myself has been wonderful

  2. I loved this…it touched me deeply…thank you..

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