Broken strings & Pretty things

The world, seen through a young girl's eyes.

You know what’s crazy?

It’s been two months since you ended it. I’ve moved on, I’m happy, yet you’ve decided to still somehow find the need to try to break me down again.
You’ve stooped to the lowest levels, and darling, it hasn’t done anything but make people realise the kind of person you truly are.
They see the boy who get’s kicks out of seeing a girl who he supposedly loved cry.

But you know what’s crazy?
I’m praying for you. I honestly am.
I’m praying that, one day, you’ll look at yourself and realise who you’ve become. I’m praying that sometime, long from now, you’ll realise just what you have done. I pray you’ll see this through my eyes and regret everything.
More so, I pray God will bring you humility. I pray he will bring you grace and peace and love and heal whatever is broken in you.
I pray one day, I may be able to speak to you, and forget the past, and that you may do the same too.

I hope God blesses you one day: only He understands why you’re doing this.


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One thought on “You know what’s crazy?

  1. guys can be cruel, can’t they

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