Broken strings & Pretty things

The world, seen through a young girl's eyes.

‘About the author’.

My dear readers, I don’t want this blog to become faceless. I don’t want to become a stranger typing behind a computer, relinquishing explicit details about my life. I want to be completely transparent with you. I want to actually be able to build a rapport between you and myself, because I don’t want to just be another anonymous writer in the sea of the blogging world.

I don’t want this humble little website to be artificial, and I want it to be as real and down to earth as possible.
Because of this, I wanted to share a little bit about me with you:

  • My name is Alys (that’s pronounced Alice)
  • I have a strong passion for English and History,
  • Writing is one of the most important parts of my life,
  • I have a strong passion for art: I could paint and take photos all day long,
  • I love singing, though I’m incredibly tone deaf,
  • I adoreeverything vintage,
  • Though I have serious downs with my faith, I am a strong Christian,
  • I seem to see the world in rose tinted glasses,
  • I always wear my heart on my sleeve,
  • My heart aches for the injustice in this world,
  • I have the tendency to be incredibly self concious, and struggle to like myself at times,
  • Helping people makes my heart beat,
  • I find the intricacy of nature facinating,
  • My brother is probably one of the most influential people in my life,
  • I will do anything for my friends,
  • The cheesiest songs on the radio make my day.

Though this may be one of the more random posts on the blog, I hope I am now somewhat less of a mysterious being to you, and that you’d enjoy a little insight to my silly little life that you’d expect of a typical teenage blogger.
Once again, thank you for visiting my blog and taking the time to read it.
All the love in the world,



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