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When dreams become reality.

As I’ve previously mentioned in other posts, this past month has offered me opportunities of a lifetime. In fact, one of these opportunities is something which is helping me achieve a combination of many dreams that I never thought I’d achieve this young. I’ve been waiting a few weeks for plans to finalize before telling you, my dear readers, but now plans are official I’m delighted to tell you all:

I’m going to spend a month in Uganda. Next summer, I’m going with a small group of people my age as part of an expedition, where I’m going to be able to see life changing things. I’m going to spend time camping in the jungle, travel to small islands, climb mountains and go on a Safari. I’m going to grasp this whole new other world that I’ve never experienced.
But it’s not the physical side that I’m so excited about.I’m going there to help people.
Although it’s undecided what exactly we’re going to do as aid work, I have the opportunity to work with street children, orphans, teach children in a school or even help build wells and villages. I might even have the chance to help in HIV clinics. Working with and helping people who need it is my passion. I want to be able to give shelter to the homeless, and give hope to the helpless. Having the chance to help people’s lives has made my own. I’m so thankful and blessed to have this adventure, and I couldn’t be any happier to live out my wildest dreams.
Though raising all the money is going to be so tough, it’s going to be so worth it. It’s all going straight to the most amazing causes and I’m so excited to raise it all and be able to give it to the Ugandan communities personally.

This kind of situation has also shown be that when a door closes, God really does open a window. (And this is a pretty huge window.)
Had this opportunity arisen over a month ago, I may not have accepted it. I would’ve put others in front of me, and would feel too scared that if I chased my dreams, I would’ve lost people who were close to me.
That’s why I’m so passionate about to never let go of my dreams. I never want to be put in the position of being too scared to step out because of somebody else.

I can’t wait to finally experience the world in the ways I’ve imagined. I can’t wait to actually live out my dreams.
Please, never forget how you can really achieve your heart’s biggest desires. Dreams aren’t something you only think about at night, they’re something tangible, and something that can actually happen.
So stop thinking that “I’ll never be able to do that” or “those things would never happen to me.”
If I, the most ordinary girl in the sense of the term, can live my dream, why can’t you too?
Go on, step out.


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3 thoughts on “When dreams become reality.

  1. Alex Jones on said:

    Envy you.

  2. i hope your trip brings u everything u want

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