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The world, seen through a young girl's eyes.

When anyone tells you ‘no’, shout ‘yes’.

When anyone in life tells me that I’m not good enough, or I that won’t be able to do something, it only encourages me to pursue if further.
I want to prove to them that they have no control over my life, and that I’m capable of anything I can achieve.

Why should we live our lives dictated by other people’s thoughts and condemns?
Why should anyone tell you that you are not special, or that you are not able to live your dreams when they are probably too scared to even attempt what you desire?
Sadly, we are all going to cross paths with a number of these kind people during our lives, but we have to find a way to combat it. We need to find ways to not get put down by those who try to, stand tall and fight for what we believe in. Yes, this can be so hard when we are forced in a world that tells us ‘no’ and ‘you’re not good enough’ but once we master the skill of knowing your strength when the world is against you, you are able to do anything.

That’s why when someone tells me it’s impossible to do the things I want, and that I’ll never be able to go where I want to, it just encourages me to prove them wrong. It just makes me fight harder for what I want, and prove I am worthy.
I experienced this today, when someone told me that they think I will never get into the university that I dream of. However, instead of getting upset and believing their cruel words, it just set my heart on fire. My passions and desires burned with an even brighter flame.

I refuse to let anyone tell me I’m not worth it anymore. I refuse to let anyone put me down or try to stop me achieve what I want to.
But most of all, I pray that you do too.
I pray that you are able to stand up tall to anyone in life who tries to knock you down. I pray you discover how wonderful and strong you are, and that absolutely anything is possible if you truly desire and work for it.

Shout yes to that world who says no. Prove them wrong, and achieve your wildest dreams, no matter how unachievable they seem.


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2 thoughts on “When anyone tells you ‘no’, shout ‘yes’.

  1. You’re so right in what you say. I went to university as a mature student. In my first year I got pregnant. Everybody said I’d never be able to continue with my six year degree. That was like a red rag to a bull and, needless to say, I graduated – having had another child in year four! Be thankful for the negative people – they just strengthen your resolve. You know you can do it.

  2. i need to remember and read this every day. thank u for sharing

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