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The world, seen through a young girl's eyes.

My brother makes my world shine.

To me, my eldest brother is the definition of a perfect family compacted into one singular being.
He’s kind, he’s loving and he understands me completely, even when I don’t have to speak my feelings to him.
He makes me laugh to extremes, treats me like a best friend and never misses an opportunity to crack a joke at me.
He’s also so protective and caring of me; he never wants me to be hurt and does his best to make me happy.
He’ll offer me advice, and he’ll always try to help make my life better in some way.

Most of all, my brother believes in me. He always tells me to push myself, believe in myself and see what I can achieve. He inspires me to do better, think better and be better. He’s the one that makes me dare to chase my dreams, and he’s the one that will keep me focused.
And, he’s proud of me.
He makes me feel special and shows me that I’m worth something.

I love you big brother, never stop being my shining star in the sky of my life.

I hope and pray you have someone like him in your own life. If not, please be that person to someone else. You’ll change their world.


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2 thoughts on “My brother makes my world shine.

  1. that is awesome! you are a lucky lady

  2. so sweet… !! you’re lucky to have each other.
    I love my bro so much… even though he’s younger than I – the protective , but gentle man in him comes out at times… it’s so sweet to see. Brothers are so special

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