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Today, I fell in love with life.

To be honest, I didn’t think today was going to be the greatest.
Today would have been the seven month mark my ex boyfriend, whilst it is also exactly four weeks since we parted. Though I hate to be a living cliché, I still found this devastating , and I spent the morning mourning the past half of the year we spent together.

But then, I was suddenly blessed with a new love for life. I was given news which gives me the potential to shape my future to what I’ve dreamed of. With this, I’ve also been given a whole new drive and a whole new passion to do the best I can, and do something more with my life. If I want to, and am willing to put in the effort, I will be able to go to the places I want to go to, and be who I want to be. Thinking back a month ago, I was scared to step out of line or chase my future, as I wanted to keep my boyfriend close to me and I put him before anything else. Now, I’m so happy it didn’t work out. Despite the heart ache, these past few weeks have thrown me opportunities which will change my life, opportunities that I would never have the chance to receive again.

Even more so, as I spent my day enjoying the English countryside, I fell in love with the world. I rediscovered the beauty in the rolling hills and infinite sea. Sitting in the sun in the garden of my humble cottage, I spent the day realising just how beautiful the little things in life are. I forgot about my worries, my fears and anxiety and rediscovered myself.
The most beautiful part of this is that just doing so has made me whole again. I don’t feel as broken as I have been. I feel fresh, renewed and ready to live my life again rather than just hanging on a thread. This is the break I needed. This is the thing I needed to set me free.

I’m so in love with life again. I’m ready to experience everything again, and take it in both hands. I’m ready to face the day.
I’m finally becoming me again.


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2 thoughts on “Today, I fell in love with life.

  1. I loved your post. Having been through a similar situation I must say this….

    Welcome…your life has been waiting for you! You must first be happy from within in! Enjoy every day like it’s your last and have blast doing so! :)

    Thank you for sharing this! :)

    • It’s good to be back in reality, and actually be active in what I’m doing in life and be happy once again :)
      Thank you so much! I’m really happy you enjoyed it :)

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