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‘Everyone wants to be discovered.’

Today whilst in English class, I gazed up at a film poster and was suddenly inspired by the words. The poster was pretty unimportant in itself but it was what was written at the top which actually intrigued me.

‘Everyone wants to be discovered’

Being the person I am, I automatically challenged the statement, but realised, it’s true.
Everyone does, in fact, want to be discovered.
No matter how much a person will deny it, everyone desires to be noticed; to be set apart from everyone else and be truly explored by another.
To be discovered means one is separated from everyone else and made truly special. The person becomes utterly fascinating and unique, and this sense of specialness and adoration is what we as humans yearn for. We as humans desire to be accredited be given a sense of approval. Most of all, we yearn to be loved.

For me, this idea matches me perfectly.
I want to be something different to someone. I want to be new and interesting: a new island to explore. I want to be seen as someone exciting and fresh and something someone wants to know about.
I want to be discovered. But, deep down, so does everyone else.


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2 thoughts on “‘Everyone wants to be discovered.’

  1. I totally agree with you. Everyone does want to be discovered and explored. No one wants to feel invisible. What I am finding is that as I learn to discover and explore others, I am also exploring who I am. It’s an awesome thing.
    Blessings as you continue to explore others and in turn – yourself. You are special in the eyes of God. You will never be invisible to Him.

    • I’ve actually been finding the same thing, as I’m noe entering a new part of life I’m discovering myself differently and finding out new things about myself whilst getting to know others, and it really is amazing.
      God bless you too, it can be hard at times to comprehend God’s love and truly understand how much he cares and knows us. Thank you so much for putting your ideas down here and spreading the love of God, I really appreciate it.

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