Broken strings & Pretty things

The world, seen through a young girl's eyes.

Something important I feel you should know.

My lovely readers, there’s something on my heart I yearn for you to know and believe.

I want you to know you are truly amazing. You don’t need to change for anyone or anything.
You are beautiful, amazing, magical and perfect.
You are wonderful in every single way even though you’ll never admit it.
You were born into this world as a new and unique creation,different from anybody else, and were given your own personal life to live to the full.
Though you will experience the ups and downs and the world, remember you aren’t alone.
You will never be alone, because you are loved to extremities by so many people, and you will never truly comprehend just how great this love is.
You are adored.
You don’t deserve the hurt, and you don’t deserve the pain you face, but I promise you it will stop soon.

Please remember: you were not a mistake.

Never ever forget how truly lovely you are. You are so special, so amazing, so beautiful and so utterly enchanting.
Never ever feel like you are less than perfect.


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One thought on “Something important I feel you should know.

  1. Worth Commenting on said:

    wow! i can’t believe you wrote this, it is so great i am pinit and just spreading the love you just showed. thanks.

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