Broken strings & Pretty things

The world, seen through a young girl's eyes.

Your existence is a miracle.

Do you know how much of a miracle your own life is?
The chances of you winning the lottery one hundred times in a row are greater than those of you ever being born. And yet, here you are.

Out of all the people in the whole entire world, your mother met your father. Out of all the days in the year, it was that one day that you were conceived. Out of the millions of gametes your father produced, it was that one tiny sperm cell that fused with your mother’s egg, producing the wonderful person you are today.

If your mother had not happened to meet your father, had your parents not made love that day, had that one particular sperm not met your mother’s egg, had your mother fallen sick and miscarried, you would not be alive. Your existence would never have even be known by the world. Decisions so miniscule cause colossal impacts.

In fact, these rules also apply to your grandparents. What if they had never met, and never produced your parents? What if your ancestors had never moved to a new country and never met their future partners there?
The chances of each of these small occurrences is more than one in a million. By the time of your conception, the chances of you ever coming into existence is so small, it is a supreme miracle that you are here today, reading this entry.

Yet you overcame those chances, and here you are.

You were not a mistake.
You are a living miracle and your whole life is beautiful and magical. It is worth more than you could ever know.
Never feel like you are less than anything. You are unique, amazing, beautiful and were given a life unlike anyone else’s.
So live it to the full. Never waste a day, because you were so close to never living that day at all.


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