Broken strings & Pretty things

The world, seen through a young girl's eyes.

From here on, it’s all about decisions.

Throughout all of our busy and hectic lives, we are filled with endless cycles of decisions. From deciding when to finally start that 2000 word essay to the whether the milk is off, we face an unscrupulous amount of time making choices in which we could probably be doing much more productive tasks. Like watching TV.
(Oh but then we need to decide what to watch)

However, in these past few weeks I have been struggling with life altering choices. To anyone else, picking A level options would not seem so difficult. In fact, picking A level choices wouldn’t be so scary to anybody if it wasn’t for the constant enslaught of horror stories of how picking English Language instead of English Literature will cause you to amount to nothing in life.

Alas, I have also realised that picking A levels is only the tip of the iceberg. From here on, it’s all about decisions. University courses, careers, marriage, children. The world is full of these life changing decisions that we must all find our way through. But is this such a bad thing?

I’ve come to the decision that it actually isn’t. Yes, it is scary having the weight of the world resting on your shoulders, and yes, we may get the decision wrong. But we can always fix it. Making difficult choices is a necessity of life as we bring it more variety. Choice induces change, and change induces excitement. Without decisions, life will be too easy, and we as people today will not get total fulfillment if we are not able to start a new path to travel down.

So as I bring this post to a close, I now know not to worry. If the mistake I make is too bad, I can fix it. I have enough faith in myself to know that I am competent enough to make my own choices from what socks to wear to what I should call my child. It’s time for me to become independent and mature enough to make my decisions concerning my own life.

I’ll take the risk: English Language it is.


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