Broken strings & Pretty things

The world, seen through a young girl's eyes.

Hello world!

Here I am, little me, finally starting the blog I’ve dreamed about starting since summer last year.

I had always been too afraid to start a blog, thinking ‘no one will read this’ or ‘I have nothing to write about’ or lastly ‘I’ll just seem stupid’ but now I’ve realised: who cares? This blog is not about readers, or a definite theme, but to allow me to convey my deepest thoughts and passions into text. This blog is not created for others in mind, but for my joy of writing and expressing myself. And from here on, I will try to learn to discover myself and learn how to live through my previous mistakes. And well, if I get a few followers here and there, that’s a very nice bonus :-)
So hello world, this is me.

I’m Alys, and I’m very pleased to meet you. :-)


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